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3-6 Classroom

Any donation for classroom materials

 6-9 Classroom

$150 for a portable DVD player
$25 for EAI Education Materials (linking cubes, dice, fraction pieces)

 9-12 Classroom

$250 gift card for a new camera
$50 gift card to Wal-Mart for 5 50-gallon storage bins with locking lids

 12-15 Classroom

$500 for an assortment of Montessori materials
$500 for hands-on science equipment & environmental studies
$300 for PBS DVD Series ‘The Planets’ (CC version)
$300 for PBS DVD Series ‘The Writing of the Constitution’ (CC version)
$200 for cultural materials such as country flags, globes, etc.

 School Wide

$5,000, $2,500, $1,000, $500 towards a Blossom scholarship
$250 for shirts for public performances
$100 for 4 rolls of laminate
$50 for computer software program for the school to create a yearbook
$30 for a box of copy paper
$30 for portable CD player/boom box with speakers (for performances)

 Art Club

$100 gift card to Michaels for deluxe pottery wheel and aprons
$50 gift card to Michaels for oil pastels, thick lead pencils, tempura kits, soft pastels
$25 gift card to Michaels for paints, watercolors, cleaners
$25 gift card to Michaels for mini-dot art painters, finger paints, double-ended markers

 Sports Club

$500, $100, $50, $25 gift card to Sports Authority

Volleyballs, knee pads, storage rack, rubber bases for softball, gloves, kids fitness obstacle course, kids exercise mats, inflation device, play parachute, kid fitness tug of war, soccer balls, Port a Pit junior training hurdle for our running track, outside clock, outside water fountain